11-Year-Old UK Girl Makes Blankets For Homeless People Using Chips Packets

11-Year-Old UK Girl Makes Blankets For Homeless People Using Chips Packets


To assist local rough sleepers in fighting this spine-chilling cold, an 11-year-old girl is making blankets using chips packets. Alyssa Dean, who hails from Prestatyn in Wales, UK, collects chip bags to transform them into warm survival blankets for homeless people. The little one takes around 44 packets to make one blanket, and so far, she has made around 80 such parcels. Each parcel includes a blanket, hats, gloves, socks, and a chocolate treat. Alyssa got full support and help from her family and friends. Through her initiative, the 11-year-old wants to help homeless people stay safe during the winters.

You must be wondering how can crisp packets be used to prepare warm blankets. Well, in an interview with North Wales Live, Darlene, Alyssa’s mother revealed that the packets are first ironed together, and the next step is to make them weatherproofed. 51-year-old mom had helped Alyssa in collecting empty chips bags at work. Talking about her daughter, she said that Alyssa is “very eco-conscious” and this kind of project suits her perfectly. Darlene said that at work, she had placed a collection box, in which people drop in their crisps packets.

According to Alyssa’s mother, it takes about 45 minutes to prepare a blanket, which includes both ironing, weatherproofing, and sewing it. “We wanted to give homeless people a bit more than just a blanket so we included other bits and pieces to help keep them warm,” she added. Darlene informed that at first, Alyssa was using her own pocket money to fund the initiative, however, now they have had a fundraiser to stock the parcels.

The care packets will be distributed across Denbighshire, Conwy as well as Flintshire.

If anybody wants to pitch in, they can save crisp packets and hand them over to Alyssa and her mom, so that they will be able to make more blankets.

Visit Alyssa and Darlene’s Facebook page to get in touch with the mother-daughter duo.

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