17-year-old's Newborn UK's Smallest Baby to Survive in Last 2 Decades

17-year-old’s Newborn UK’s Smallest Baby to Survive in Last 2 Decades


A 17-year-old UK girl has given birth to a baby following an emergency C-section at just 25 weeks of pregnancy. Ellie Paton gave birth to Hannah, who weighed just 325 grams (11oz) at the time of birth, according to a report by The Metro. The newborn, according to the doctors, had just a 20% chance of surviving.

Ellie and her parents were even told that Hannah might not even make it through the night.

However, the baby got strong enough to breathe by herself. She is now being considered the smallest baby in the UK to survive by herself in the past 2 decades.

Ellie and her partner Brandon Stibbles aged 21 were warned after Ellie’s 22-week scan that Hannah was very small. Hannah was the size of a 16-week foetus.

To make things worse, Ellie was diagnosed with preeclampsia, a complication in pregnancy experienced by high blood pressure and indications of damage to another organ system. These organs are most commonly the liver and kidneys.

Ellie was then rushed to the Crosshouse hospital after she woke up with a lot of stomach and chest pain on December 29. Ellie was then taken to Queen Elizabeth University

Hospital, where she gave birth to Hannah on December 30 after 1 pm.

For the 17-year-old mother, the whole incident has been a nightmare. Ellie said that she had gone for scanning when she ended up suffering from high blood pressure.

Ellie told The Metro that she got relief from her blood pressure problems after she was sent to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Before she could even heave a sigh of relief, Ellie woke up to excruciating stomach and chest pain the very next morning. Ellie said that the hospital authorities thought that she could go for the C section.

The couple has praised the medical authorities and can’t wait to hold their baby girl.

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