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4 Tips To Regain Stamina Post Recovery From Omicron

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In the last few weeks, the Omicron variant has triggered a surge in Covid-19 cases all over the world. The super-infectious strain is said to cause mild symptoms in people, however, experts believe that those infected by this variant are at a greater risk of developing long Covid-19 infections. The common symptoms of Omicron include cough, congestion, runny nose, and fatigue. To avoid getting infected by Covid-19, it is suggested that people should work towards regaining the lost immunity. In a chat with Hindustan Times, Ayurveda expert Dr Rekha Radhamony stated that individuals can regain immunity post their Covid-recovery following a healthy diet along with exercise and sleep.

Eat slowly and steadily

As per the expert, one should start with fasting and allow their digestive fire to build slowly. Dr Rekha Radhamony suggested that people should increase the quantity of food progressively. “Start with light warm cooked foods with good fats until your digestion normalises,” she said.

Exercise regularly

The importance of exercise, in our daily routine, has been highlighted by various experts. At times, when we regularly exercise, some parts of our body might feel sore. Dr Radhamony stated that just because one feels “weak” or “tired,” they should not skip exercise. Instead, people should do some kind of movement or activity or simply walk or perform Yoga.

Don’t go overboard with Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role on the road to recovery during COVID-19. However, Dr Rekha Radhamony urges that one should not overload their system with Vitamin C and citrus fruits, in order to gain back immunity when their digestion is still not working optimally.

Relax your mind

There is no doubt that the coronavirus affects the functioning of the brain and the best way to relax the mind is – a good night’s sleep, followed by breathing exercises and meditation.

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