8-Year-Old UK Girl is Suffering From Extremely Rare Disease, But She Has Just One Desire

8-Year-Old UK Girl is Suffering From Extremely Rare Disease, But She Has Just One Desire


Amelie Round, an 8-year-old United Kingdom resident, has a strange health condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, according to a report on the Mirror website.

The girl, according to reports, is unable to walk, and now only has one desire, which she hopes to realise with her sister.

Her lower body began to deteriorate four years ago as a result of the disease. The veins in her lower leg have hardened and become very weak, and she is unable to walk.

The girl’s parents learned about the disease’s treatment in Missouri, America, but it will cost Rs 1 crore to cure. The girl will be able to walk on her own after the surgery.

This girl’s current wish is to recover from her illness as quickly as possible so that she can be a bridesmaid at her parents’ wedding.

Let us inform you that the girl’s mother, Rose Moore, 37, and father, J Round, 39, are preparing to remarry on their 10th wedding anniversary. Therefore, they want their baby girl to recover after the operation.

The daughter grew normally for 18 months but was unable to stand on her own like her friends, according to her parents. According to the mother, this is a very rare condition that affects only 0.005% of the population.

Hereditary spastic paraplegia refers to a group of rare inherited disorders that induce leg muscle weakness and immobility. Over time, the symptoms become more intense.

The symptoms, however, differ in severity and progression from individual to individual.

Approximately 90 percent of individuals suffering from hereditary spastic paraplegia have the “pure form” of the disease. This indicates that the majority of their symptoms are restricted to lower limb weakness, involuntary spasms, and muscle stiffness.

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