'Acche Acche Nikal Gaye': Jackie Shroff's Words of Wisdom is All Motivation We Needed

‘Acche Acche Nikal Gaye’: Jackie Shroff’s Words of Wisdom is All Motivation We Needed


In case you need a reminder, Jackie Shroff is a golden retriever in human form. As world deals with Omicron variant of Covid-19, an old video of Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff has resurfaced on social media, giving everyone the daily dose of hope and motivation they need in times such as these. In the viral video, Jackie stresses the importance of having a positive attitude during difficult times. He starts the video by talking about his own life and how people will come and go. Jackie says that while his daughter, son, and wife came into his life, his father, mother, and brother went out.

“If you look at the sadness of people around you, you will realise you are going through nothing as compared to them. You should not keep crying over things that you didn’t get. You are a healthy person and that is enough. People should learn to be happy by whoever they are and whatever they have got,” says Jackie in the video.

“You are human so it is evident that you will have sadness in your life. Everyone has to die someday or the other. Your mom, dad, family, everyone will have to leave you someday. We all know that,” he adds.


According to Jackie, crying is not the best solution as once you start crying, you would cry for the rest of your life. He says, “However, you should not cry over that. If you start crying, you will cry for the rest of your life. Have some energy. Whatever problems you face in life, make sure to keep your smile in front of people. Keep your spine straight. Don’t take tension at all.”

People were quite impressed with Jackie’s words of wisdom. Here are some reactions to the video:

Amidst the difficult times, words like these are always welcomed.

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