An Emergency Forcing You to Step Out? These Kits May Keep Covid-19 at Bay

An Emergency Forcing You to Step Out? These Kits May Keep Covid-19 at Bay

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The survey by LocalCircles showed that of those who plan to travel in the next 90 days, the highest number, 49 per cent are likely to visit family, friends. (Representative Image: Shutterstock)

To keep the Covid-19 virus away, thankfully, one can get basic reusable kits online

  • Last Updated:January 10, 2022, 14:06 IST

With the Omicron threat looming, it is not advisable to step out or travel at this point in time, but one does not know when an emergency situation may crop up. And if it requires you to travel long distance or short ones, the least you can do is to take precaution.

To keep the Covid-19 virus at bay, thankfully, one can get basic equipment online. From masks to PPE kits and gloves to reusable suits, shopping websites like Amazon and Flipkart can provide a variety of options.

A small search and there are numerous options to ensure maximum protection from the Coronavirus.

The full body kit

The overall kit keeps virus at bay.

While it may seem like a professional kit, what’s the harm in maintaining professional standards. From making sure your loved ones in isolation get their delivery on time to risking stepping inside a contaminated zone, this kit is is an absolute must.

The reusable jacket

Thee reusable jacket.

While it is always recommended to take maximum precaution, this personal protective jacket has been designed for a quick travel. It gives protection against viruses and can be washed numerous times.

The air travel kit

The air travel kit.

If the situation demands air travel, do not, for a moment, hesitate in buying a kit that provides maximum protection. This kit, available on Amazon, makes sure you are protected from top to bottom. And since this is a button-down outfit, it will help you avoid discomfort if the duration of the trip it too long.

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