Anand Mahindra Shares Stunning Photo of Indian Road With 70 Hairpin Bends

Anand Mahindra Shares Stunning Photo of Indian Road With 70 Hairpin Bends


Anand Mahindra is a proud Indian, multiple examples of which can be easily witnessed through his social media posts. In addition to appreciating some of the most extraordinary feats of ordinary fellow citizens and rewarding them, the chairman of Mahindra Group cannot stop marvelling about the most amazing and precious gems embedded in the discreet pockets of the country’s geography. Testifying his unflinching love for the beauty of India is Mahindra’s latest tweet, which is in response to a post by Norwegian diplomat, politician Erik Solheim. Solheim shared a post on Twitter titled ‘Incredible India,’ and accompanied it with a breathtaking aerial photograph of Kolli hills road, Namakkal in Tamil Nadu. Calling it one of the most daring mountain roads of India, the politician revealed that the hills had 70 continuous hairpin bends.

Mahindra had the most wholesome and humble reaction to the post. He mentioned that he was just awestruck by the “phenomenal” side of his own country, and in fact would take one of his own company’s most popular off roaders, Thar, on the hills in Tamil Nadu.

“Erik, you keep showing me how little I know about my own country! This is just phenomenal. I want to find out who built this road and then I will only trust my Thar to take me on it!,” wrote the industrialist in his tweet on the micro-blogging site.

Speaking of the Thar, it is one of the best budget off-roaders in India and has garnered immense acclaim among motorists since its launch years ago. Due to its rare blend of rugged hardware and modern tech, Mahindra Thar has an unparalleled appeal with a lot of people. The lifestyle off-roader, which has the ability to withstand extreme conditions, has witnessed many successful updates and style modifications over the years.

Anand Mahindra, recently surprised his followers on Twitter by sharing his interesting take on driving vehicles other than his own company’s. The business tycoon was asked by a user on the micro-blogging site if he drove wheels other than Mahindra. The individual asked, “Sir do you drive cars other than Mahindra?” In his cool and usual witty style, the 66-year-old answered, “You mean there are cars other than Mahindra?” He added, “I had no idea.”

Further, he included “Just kidding,” as a funny disclaimer, followed by a smiling face emoji.

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