Anand Mahindra's Tweet Starts 'World Cup' of Sunsets, 'All Teams Welcome'

Anand Mahindra’s Tweet Starts ‘World Cup’ of Sunsets, ‘All Teams Welcome’


Billionaire-cum-netizen, Anand Mahindra’s engagement on social media platforms is a must-watch as even the smallest interactions compound into an entertaining piece of content. For example, this single tweet by the Mahindra Group chairman turned into a full-blown sunset show. Anand Mahindra recently shared a serene sunset snap from Alibaug beach and compared it to a Rothko painting. Apparently, he was hopping on the trendy bandwagon, which saw several users sharing clear skies over Mumbai after a heavy shower. Mahindra wrote, “Pic on the left was apparently somewhere in Alibaug. A Rothko painting (on the right) come to life, or is it the other way around?”

Little did he know his thread would turn into a stage where people would flaunt their own captured sunsets. The show started with a user sharing the same sunset being seen from a different part of the state.

“Beautiful Sir. This was the sunset,” the user wrote.

There was no stopping from here on. Another user chimed in with a sunset captured from Marine Drive.

Another user sent a quarter-drowned sun right beside an apartment building.

As the thread got longer, it crossed Maharashtra borders and crossed other states. One arose from Hubli, Karnataka.

Mahindra replied to the tweet, saying, “Whoa! This is turning into a ‘World Cup’ of sunsets. All team/entries welcome, in that case!?”

Another one came flying straight from Club Mahindra at Hatgadh.

Here’s one sunset that even Mahindra couldn’t help but retweet.

One straight from the ‘heart of India’ Madhya Pradesh.

Anand Mahindra ended the ‘World Cup of Sunset’ with the tweet above, and in the caption, wrote, “Let me make this the last RT because, at the end of the day, the most important and memorable sunsets are not necessarily those that are most visually spectacular, but those that are part of our own, personal experience.”

Anand Mahindra is absolutely right here. A sunset always promises a beautiful ending. What do you think?

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