Are You an Overprotective Parent? You Must Then Learn About Harm it Causes to Your Kids

Are You an Overprotective Parent? You Must Then Learn About Harm it Causes to Your Kids

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Some parents make sure their children never get hurt physically or mentally and, for that reason, they hover around their kids all the time. Honestly, that is not a healthy way to raise your kids. Over-parenting involves excessive control and interference in children’s lives. This may include monitoring from what they eat and where they go to whom they talk to, etc.

According to the health site, such parents are constantly on the edge about their children’s well-being and always alert to protect them. But let us tell you that this habit can affect your child’s mental and physical health and may cause serious harm to their overall wellbeing.

4 Common Side effects of Over-parenting

They Don’t Get The Chance To Learn:

If a child is not allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, he will be unable to build his skills. He won’t get the opportunity or chance to grow and improve as he would have if he or she were allowed to take their own decisions. In such cases, kids aren’t going anywhere because they can’t deal with obstacles later on in life and feel their parents shouldn’t have taken too much care of them.

Low Self-Esteem

Over-parenting causes low self-esteem in children. This is because the parents have a lot of power and control over their kids, making them feel like they cannot do anything on their own. It also creates a dependency between child and parent, as well as an unhealthy relationship that can lead to mental health issues later in life.

Low Self-Confidence

As a result of overparenting, children don’t learn to make decisions on their own and their confidence takes a major hit. Such children find it difficult to solve even small problems or take any decision themselves later on because they have no self-confidence. Their confidence keeps decreasing as time goes by and eventually they are unable to help with anything at all anymore.


It has been found that children who have more defensive parents tend to have depressive throughout their lives. They often think of themselves as unworthy, and they suffer from anxiety and stress. Usually, such children grow up dissatisfied with life, with excessive expectations placed on them by those around them.

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