Value of vacations

How Vacations Are Helpful For Employee Well-Being?

The welfare of the workforce is a primary priority for companies of all sizes, in all industries. When an employee is struggling physically or emotionally, it is impossible to expect them to perform well at work, and business culture depends heavily on employee wellbeing. However, it can be challenging for businesses to determine precisely what […]

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What is eye pressure

What is eye pressure?

There are several ways to measure eye pressure. The most common is using an automated sphygmomanometer, which measures the amount of pressure in your eye socket using auscultation. Other methods include measuring the size of your eyes and using a tonometer to measure how much endurance your eyes have. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends […]

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Insulin Plant

The Complete Guide to Insulin Plant

What Is The Insulin Plant? From its name itself, you can guess that the insulin plant is a plant meant for longer and healthier living by reducing high and increased glucose levels in one’s body. Belonging to the plant Costaceae family, the plant’s scientific name is ‘Costus igneus’ and it is medically approved to be […]

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Hangover Patches

Hangover Patches: Best Way To Deal With Hangover

Hangover patches are a perfect remedy to cure a hangover caused by taking alcohol. These patches help restore the body’s depleted nutrients through the medium of your skin. The hangover patches are in the form of stickers and are packed with a lot of healthy stuff. Some of the essential ingredients of the hangover patches […]

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