British Bitcoin Millionaire, Who Retired at 35, Says Being Rich is Boring

British Bitcoin Millionaire, Who Retired at 35, Says Being Rich is Boring


A British man quickly became a millionaire after he took the risk and invested all his life savings into Bitcoin. The British millionaire soon left his job and retired from work at the age of 35. He has recently claimed that being rich is boring.

The man discovered the decentralised digital currency in 2014. He stated that he ‘fell down a deep rabbit hole’ and invested almost everything he had saved after working for almost a decade as a content creator.

As we all know, investing in Bitcoin, like all cryptocurrencies, is a dangerous and incredibly risky move. Prior to becoming rich, the man used to earn around £25,000 (Around Rs 25,00,000)

a year. After investing in Bitcoin he saw his income rising ten times of his salary.

He revealed that he was never fond of expensive things and instead of spending on expensive and luxurious things he used to save a chunk of his salary each year.

Sharing his experience on Reddit, the person has said that he started learning about Bitcoin in 2014 and he kept investing money in cryptocurrency for one and a half years.

In 2017, from Bitcoin, the man was able to cash out 200 million after-tax. After 2 years, in 2019, he got even more profit and the British citizen earned a profit of Rs 62 crore. Around that time, he was 35 years old and had become a millionaire.

Soon after touching the highest point, he decided to take a permanent break from his work, but later he started regretting his decision. He says that he finds his rich life very boring as there is not much excitement left. He feels that he doesn’t deserve FiRe (financial independence, retire early).

The millionaire expressed that he feels he would have become rich through his job anyway and later in life would have actually felt like he had earned it.

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