Can You Spot the Hidden Leopard in This Picture? Try if You Can

Can You Spot the Hidden Leopard in This Picture? Try if You Can


Leopards are known for, among other things, for their camouflaging skills in the forest. Often, it becomes difficult to identify them from their surrounding bushes and shrubs. This ability to blend in with the background is what gives them an edge over their prey. Their superb camouflaging skills are second to perhaps only the chameleon.

In this regard, a picture taken in the forest is becoming quite viral on social media. In this picture, a tree is visible, which is surrounded by thick forests. The person who posted the picture, Amit Mehra, has posed a riddle of sorts to their followers. The post says,”Spot the leopard. No pun intended.” Here is the link of the post:

A lot of social media users tried to discover the leopard in the forest but failed. Some were wondering whether it was a trick question, while others tried to scan every corner of the photograph to find the big cat.

Finally, a few people were able to make the discovery after a long, hard look at the photo. The leopard, as we all got to know, was sitting on the lower right side of the tree in the middle, neatly camouflaged by the dry wood and grass. The picture has been reshared and re-tweeted thousands of times. The people who have re-tweeted the picture are also dropping several hints in their posts about where to look for the animal.

The post has around 1,500 likes. Many users were able to spot the leopard in the photo, while others gave up with minimal effort and asked Amit to reveal the location of the animal.

Leopards are one of the most magnificent animals in the forest. Apart from their remarkable camouflaging ability, they are also known for their speed and agility. It’s not known which forest the picture is from. But one thing is for certain, it has taken the internet by storm. ‘Spot the leopard’ is a hit, we say!

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