Capitol Hill Riots: Trump Bows Out; Biden To Address A ‘Divided’ US

Capitol Hill Riots: Trump Bows Out; Biden To Address A ‘Divided’ US


The US on January 6 will observe one year anniversary of the storming of the US Capitol building with president Joe Biden slated to address the nation. Exactly a year ago, supporters of former president Donald Trump, mobbed the Capitol Hill building claiming that the election was rigged and Trump was denied the presidency.

Their beliefs were also fueled by conspiracy theories spread by QAnon – an entity who still remains faceless – and also by the former president who allegedly gave the battle cry asking his supporters to surround the Capitol Hill building. As lawmakers convened to certify Biden’s victory with Mike Pence leading both houses of Congress, Trump allegedly asked his supporters to stage an insurrection.

One year later, several such supporters as well as high profile personalities, face legal proceedings for instigating the mob which threatened to attack what the Democrats call – US’ core democratic values. Lawmakers who were present in the building along with Capitol Hill staff recall last year’s events with horror. A report by news agency AFP highlighted that many who were present recall sacrifices made by the police officials who were on duty. Cops recall seeing rioters in assault gear with iron bars and clubs beating their fellow colleagues, some also remember seeing one police officer getting crushed in a doorway while lawmakers tried to save their lives.

“January 6th 2021 will be forever remembered as a day of enduring infamy, a permanent blemish in the story of American democracy. This was aimed at undoing our democracy. Thank God, they failed,” Democrat lawmaker Chuck Schumer was quoted as saying by news agency AFP.

More than 700 people have been arrested and charged, for assaulting law enforcement officers and breaking into and desecrating the halls of Congress, according to a report by AFP. Lawmakers continue to investigate and link Donald Trump to the attack on the US Capitol building – many feel he directly incited the attack. It also would come as respite for many as he announced on Wednesday that he would not address the nation on January 6.

Even after these events, US’ politics and its citizens remain deeply divided. Despite few Republicans condemning Trump for his delayed action, many in the party do not want to challenge him. Those who were part of the mob still remain adamant that Trump was cheated. Trump-backer Samson Racioppi tells AFP that he still believes that the election was rigged and described the feeling of euphoria when he joined the mob in front of the US Capitol. “January 6 was incredible. We’re going to cause as much political damage to the left and the people who support tyranny as possible. Of course I would do it again,” Racioppi was quoted as saying by news agency AFP.

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