Cops Rescue Pilot Who Crash-Landed on Railway Tracks Just Before Speeding Train Arrives

Cops Rescue Pilot Who Crash-Landed on Railway Tracks Just Before Speeding Train Arrives


There are a few who find themselves staring at imminent death and are able to survive it either through a miracle or someone else. This pilot in Los Angeles will forever be grateful to a bunch of cops for saving his life from a situation that would have surely resulted in his death. The act of heroism has also been captured on camera. It was almost like a scene from an action-packed movie with a commuter train speeding towards a crashed plane lying in the middle of the tracks. The wounded pilot was still trapped inside and policemen rush to the wreckage to pull out the pilot before the train crashes into all of them. The officers can be heard yelling ‘go go go’ as they manage to pull out the bloodied pilot and clear the tracks just seconds before the train crashes into the wreckage of the plane. This entire scene was recorded by a bodycam which was later shared by the Los Angeles Police Department in a tweet.

Three police officers involved in the rescue told CNN that it all happened so fast that they did not even have time to think. They said that they were so hell bent on getting the pilot to safety that none of them turned back even once to see how far the train was from them. The cops said that they did not have any information on the pilot’s condition but that he had complained of a headache at the scene. Rick Breitenfeldt, spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration told CNN that the pilot was the sole person on the single-engine Cessna 172 and that there were no reports of anyone on the ground to be injured. CNN reports that the plane had crashed in the Pacoima neighborhood just minutes after taking off.

A news release from the Los Angeles fire department stated that the pilot was taken to a regional trauma center, although his extent of injuries was not released.

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