Diabetes Pose Grave Risk of Miscarriage, Follow Expert Tips During Pregnancy

Diabetes Pose Grave Risk of Miscarriage, Follow Expert Tips During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases in a woman’s life. The individual’s health will have a direct impact on the child. If the to-be mother is suffering from diabetes, then there could be huge repercussions for the unborn baby. As reported by Hindustan Times, Dr. Nitin Gupte explained that women suffering from high blood sugar levels during pregnancy can experience miscarriage. Even worse, they can face other problems like stillbirth, congenital defects in the foetus, premature delivery, preeclampsia and difficult deliveries, Dr. Gupte said.

He added that various blood and other tests should be conducted to evaluate heart, kidney and other problems in order to avoid pregnancy complications. He also said that blood sugar levels should be monitored regularly and diabetes medicines should not be skipped.

A diabetologist by profession, Dr. Snehal Desai noted that diabetes is one of the major complications faced in pregnancy. “In India, it is more common due to age of conception of pregnancy is delayed and the age of onset of type 2 diabetes is lower,” she told Hindustan Times.

Dr Desai further said that diabetes in pregnancy can lead to fetal malformations such as sacral agenesis which means inappropriate development of lower spine and buttocks. Dr. Desai highlighted that these malformations can develop even before the detection of pregnancy. According to her, blood sugar levels of women should be checked before the planning of pregnancy.

Since diabetes and its consequences can be so severe for pregnant women, some essential steps need to be taken to avoid this. According to Dr. Desai, a healthy diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and lentils can be of great help to a diabetic woman.

Complications in pregnancy include macrosomia, difficulty in breathing, jaundice, hypoglycemia, i.e- reduced blood sugar levels in the baby. A woman suffering from diabetes can be at risk of heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, depression, UTI and infertility problems.

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