Did You Know About These 5 Side Effects of Taking Excess Vitamin D Supplements?

Did You Know About These 5 Side Effects of Taking Excess Vitamin D Supplements?

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Anything taken in excess is bad for your health, and the same goes for essential nutrients like vitamins as well. Undoubtedly, vitamins have a range of functions from helping in healing wounds, repairing cellular damage and boosting the immune system. Deficiency of some vitamins can lead to diseases like scurvy, anemia and rickets but the little known fact is that loading your body with these nutrients in surplus can also give you some side effects.

Although vitamin-D deficiency is pretty rampant worldwide, it is even more common among Indians. Data suggests that around 76% of Indians lack sufficient levels of Vitamin D and that is why most are advised to soak up in the sun. But due to convenience and sometimes lack of sunlight, people often take vitamin D supplements.

Taking the supplements on doctor’s prescription will benefit your health whereas being careless with its intake can lead to some serious health conditions. Some of the complications are listed below.

Damaged kidney

Most of the side effects associated with overdosing on vitamin D are related to an excess level of calcium in blood. Elevated levels of calcium in the bloodstream can damage tissues and even organs. Kidneys being more vulnerable can get damaged permanently often leading to its failure.

Brittle bones

The higher levels of calcium in the blood doesn’t let the hormone bind the mineral to the bones, leading to severe bone problems. A person can experience back and joint pain, instability, painful bones and a stooped posture.

Lung damage

Abundance of vitamin D in your body leads to the formations of calcium and phosphate crystals which bind in the blood. These crystals get accumulated in the tissue organs like lungs and damage it. Symptoms include chest pain, coughing and trouble in breathing.

Gastrointestinal problems

Taking large doses of vitamin D can also mess up with your gut. Elevated calcium levels can cause loss of appetite, diarrhoea and even constipation. Other symptoms may also include nausea and vomiting.

Mental health issues

Apart from damaging your vital organs, excess of vitamin D also puts you at a risk of developing mental issues. Symptoms like depression, psychosis and confusion have been reported in people with vitamin D toxicity.

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