Egypt Man Helps Out Desi Woman As She Came from 'Country of Shah Rukh Khan'

Egypt Man Helps Out Desi Woman As She Came from ‘Country of Shah Rukh Khan’


Shah Rukh Khan’s star power needs no introduction in India, but did you know that the SRK factor works in Egypt as well? A fan of the Bollywood superstar was pleasantly surprised when things worked out in her favour in Egypt, all thanks to SRK. Twitter user Ashwini Deshpande shared the anecdote: “Needed to transfer money to a travel agent in Egypt. Was having problems with the transfer. He said: you are from the country of @iamsrk. I trust you. I will make the booking, you pay me later. For anywhere else, I wouldn’t do this. But anything for @iamsrk. & he did! (sic)”. The tweet garnered upwards of 12,000 likes and unsurprisingly, the replies were flooded with other such anecdotes shared by SRK’s Desi fans who had basked in a bit of his stardom during their trips to foreign countries. From Russia to Germany, it’s hard not to like SRK, it turns out.

“Yes, as you wander around Egypt you will find people asking you “Indian? “. Then “Amitabh Bachchan”, “SRK” or “SK”. That makes you smile! Friendly guys esp to Indians. Beautiful country! Enjoy your trip,” wrote a Twitter user. Another replied: “When I visited Egypt 20 years back, Amitabh Bachan was ubiquitous. Amongst millennials, SRK is supreme when I meet folks in Dubai.”

There were even more SRK anecdotes in Egypt, as shared by Twitter users. One wrote, “I had similar experience when I was buying a Pizza in Cairo … When Delivery boy got to know I am Indian, he asked me to open my arms like @iamsrk did in #DDLJ then only he will handover me the Pizza box .. and he gave me discount on final order (sic)”.

One Twitter user shared: “A charming six year old Egyptian girl and I were playing in a pool in Cairo. She recounted an elaborate Hindi movie and said she loved the hero. Described his long eyelashes :). Didn’t know his name. Later her dad told me – It was an SRK movie. Young or old, they love him.”

“I got an emergency and cheap accommodation in a hotel in Paris because the owner was a “Jabra” fan of SRK. His words,” wrote another.

If these anecdotes are anything to go by, it’s a good time to be an SRK fan in Egypt.

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