Ever Wondered What Salman Khan Eats to Stay Fit? Well, We Got You His Diet Chart

Ever Wondered What Salman Khan Eats to Stay Fit? Well, We Got You His Diet Chart


No Bollywood star loves keeping himself fit more than Salman Khan. Even at the age of 56, he can give many young heroes a run for their money. The Dabangg Khan is one hero who just refuses to age. Even at this age, he does not look a day older than 40.

His body, upright posture, tight skin, and wrinkle-free face is the subject of everyone’s envy. Apart from being a fitness freak, he also has a very strict diet regime. Not only does he work out a lot, but also follows a very strict food intake, which helps him stay in shape. And today, we have brought you his secret to fitness:

Typically, Salman avoids any food which has excess oil, salt or spices, and can be specified as junk food. For breakfast, he consumes honey mixed with a glass of lemon water. He prefers food rich in protein and with zero carbohydrates. He consumes four egg omelettes, something he loves. There are days he eats four egg whites and two whole eggs.

Four days a week, Salman Khan eats only fruits. For the remaining three days in the afternoon, he consumes South Indian food like Idli, Dosa, and Uththapam. Often, he chooses salads and grilled fish for lunch. On some days, he eats rice and chicken or roti with vegetable curry of his choice.

At night, he consumes chicken and salad. In the middle of each meal, Salmon chooses almond.

Let’s take a glance at Salman’s favourite foods. He said that his favourite foods include ice cream and a large variety of sweets. He also loves chocolates. In non-Indian cuisines, he likes Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Swedish food.

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