Fans go Crazy Over Ajith’s Valimai Trailer

Fans go Crazy Over Ajith’s Valimai Trailer


The trailer of the film released on December 30 and it’s trending on social media platforms.

The trailer has received over more than 10 million views since its release.

It seems that Tamil star Ajith Kumar’s aura is not going to end anytime soon. This is pretty evident from the response the trailer of his much awaited film Valimai has received. The trailer of the film released on December 30 and it’s trending on social media platforms.

Ajith can be seen enacting the role of a rough and tough cop who finds something fishy behind a case which initially seems to be a suicide. In the trailer Ajith is seen chasing a gang of bikers who are suspected to be behind this murder. With high octane action sequences and powerful dialogues, the trailer has generated high hopes from the film.

According to reports, fans were seen dancing and rejoicing in front of Ajith’s posters. They are bursting crackers and playing music. Cinema halls were also seen decorated with big posters of the star. Even fans were seen bathing Ajith’s poster with milk. They have jampacked the theatres and the cinema halls are charging for the trailer also.

Fans are also expressing their happiness over social media. One of the users appreciated the hard work behind the action sequences considering the amount of risk involved in shooting them.

Another one chimed in applauding the stunt team behind the film. He appreciated the high level of risk taken to shoot the tough bike stunts.

Also, some specific shots were thoroughly admired by a few users. Some fans expressed their delight over the fact that the trailer of the film is trending on number 1 with more than 10 million views.

Here is another tweet celebrating the charisma of the highly sought after actor of Tamil movies. A fan has shared a photo of Ajith with a lighter and fire wings.

Valimai slated to release on January 14 narrates the story of IPS officer Arjun. Arjun is on a mission to hunt down the illegal bikers involved in theft and murder. This film has a stellar star cast of Ajith Kumar, Huma Qureshi and Kartikeya Gummakonda.

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