Five Quick, Easy Ways to Store Bananas For A Week Without Spoiling

Five Quick, Easy Ways to Store Bananas For A Week Without Spoiling

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People of all ages love to eat bananas no matter what the season. Vitamins and minerals are found in abundance in bananas, which readily fulfil the needs of the body. It is rich in iron, fibre and antioxidants that keep our kidneys, heart, digestive system etc. healthy. Apart from that, it contains numerous enzymes that help protect the body from innumerable deadly diseases.

However, ripe bananas get spoiled very quickly, which makes it extremely difficult to store them. We can neither keep them in the fridge nor leave them outside. Here we will tell you some tried-and-tested methods to keep bananas from spoiling.

To keep the bananas fresh for a long time, you should wrap aluminium foil over the banana. If you don’t have foil, wrap it over with some plastic or paper. By doing this, bananas can be saved from pilferage.

If you leave bananas in the open, their colour changes and they get spoiled quickly. To avoid this, hang it on a banana hanger. If there is no hanger available, you should hang it by tying a thread to its stalk. With this, you can preserve bananas for several days.

If you are serious about preserving the banana for a long time, you could use a vitamin C tablet. Dissolve the vitamin C tablet in water and then soak a banana in it. Bananas will stay healthy and won’t rot.

If you happen to keep bananas in the fridge, they will get spoiled quickly. In such a situation, you should store it at room temperature only.

To keep the bananas from getting spoiled, you should keep them covered with wax paper. By doing this, bananas will remain fresh for many days.

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