Former Apple Employee Shares 11 'Rules for Success'. Take a Look

Former Apple Employee Shares 11 ‘Rules for Success’. Take a Look


While employers usually prefer to hire people with some work experience, there are some who don’t shy away in giving chances to freshers. They look for a certain spark in candidates and once hired, the employers guide them to polish their skills and realise their potential. In order to give the right direction to the freshers, a good leadership is required. And John Brandon, who was the head of Apple’s international sales for around 40 years, was reportedly great at it.

It was recently revealed that Brandon used to give his retail sales associates advice in the form of “points to remember”. While the objective of these points was to bring the new employees up to speed about what was expected of them, the advice is equally good for the rest of us.

On Twitter, investor-entrepreneur Brent Beshore shared Brandon’s business card which featured these tips. Sharing the image, Beshore informed that the ‘points to remember’ were the tips Brandon gave to every retail sales associate to refer to. Further Beshore added that these are not bad life advice for the rest of the people.

Take a look:

Some of the advices included, “Always tell the truth, we want to hear bad news sooner not later”, “Everyone sweeps the floor”, “Be professional in your style, speech and follow up”, “Listen to the customer, they always almost get it”, “Create win-win relationship with your partner”, and “look out for each other, sharing information is a good thing.”

Netizens have approved the post as well, and pointed out what they liked the most of the points mentioned. One of the users wrote that “sales teaches life lessons too sometimes.” Another highlighted that learning to be a “good businessperson, not just a good salesperson” is necessary for leaders in all disciplines.

“Most of things is just common sense,” a third tweeted.

Which one is your favourite?

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