From Sleeping Pattern To Blood Pressure, Quitting Alcohol Brings These Changes To Body

From Sleeping Pattern To Blood Pressure, Quitting Alcohol Brings These Changes To Body


We all have read statutory warning — “alcohol consumption is injurious to health”. From cinema halls to the message displayed on liquor bottles, the warning is everywhere. In a recent study, experts have claimed that not drinking alcohol for a month makes a big difference in the overall health of boozers.

Experts of Priory Group have claimed that if a person has taken a break from drinking alcohol for a month, the body goes through several significant changes. The disclosure has been made under the ‘Dry January’ campaign. The campaign is held to make people aware of the harm caused by alcohol. It is mostly celebrated in Europe and America in January.

Experts revealed that in the first week of quitting alcohol, it’s very hard for a boozer to resist the urge of drinking. However, if you do not drink alcohol for a week, you will notice a change in your sleeping pattern. Drinking alcohol makes you sleep faster. So, initially, it will be difficult for you to sleep early, but eventually, your sleeping pattern will develop positively.

Consuming 6 glasses of wine dries up 19-20 glasses of water from the body, so soon after quitting alcohol, you’ll notice an increased hydration level in your body. You will also slowly develop good eating habits.

In the second week, you will feel motivated from within after seeing positive changes. Your skin, which used to look swollen earlier, will start to appear healthy. Issues like gas or acidity will also disappear in two weeks.

By the third week, your blood pressure will start falling and will become stable. You’ll see a positive change in your body weight.

In the fourth and last week, your skin will start clearing up. Skin problems like acne and dryness will start to disappear. A positive change with lots of energy will be seen in your overall mood.

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