'Garage for Soul': Anand Mahindra Shares Moving Video of Mechanic Singing As He Works

‘Garage for Soul’: Anand Mahindra Shares Moving Video of Mechanic Singing As He Works


Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, has a colourful Twitter profile where he shares information on undiscovered talent from different corners of the world. He also often puts it to altruistic use, helping out those in need. Now, he has shared a video of a mechanic soulfully singing into a news channel’s mic, scarcely even bothering to look away from the work at hand. Some people are gathered around him, and the man’s notes are undoubtedly sharp for someone who might presumably be untrained in music. Sharing the clip, Mahindra wrote on the microblogging platform, ““Every artist was first an amateur.’—Emerson. This man’s garage may be working on vehicles, but his innate talent has turned it into a garage for the soul…. (sic).” The video has racked up over 11,000 likes since being shared on Twitter and people were appreciative of both the artist’s talent and Mahindra’s vision for discovering him.

Mahindra is known for his appreciation of artists and workers from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. One Twitter user wrote, “Sir, Your knack of finding such talent is simply a blessing for music lovers like me. I recall same way you appreciated Saurav Kishen (Chota Rafi) from Kozhikode last year.”

In a recent post, Mahindra shared a video which could probably change the way you approach your problems. Make no mistake, the clip, as mentioned by him, has earlier featured on his social media account. The businessman feels that despite being a couple of years old, the video can ever be ‘dated.’ The clip shows a little boy trying arduously to scale a rock-climbing wall. The toddler continues to put in efforts on the job. What inspires the most about the clip is the boy’s never-giving-up attitude. The fighting spirit is palpable as he tries multiple attempts to the task until he eventually succeeds. While the toddler manages to reach the top, motivational phrases like “Believe in yourself” and “Keep going” show up on the screen.

“This video is from a couple of years ago, but I don’t think it will ever be ‘dated.’ I like to put it on every now & then, especially when some personal or business goal is looking intimidating or impossible! All my fears vanish instantly,” Mahindra wrote, while sharing the video.

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