'Gehraiyaan' Credits Intimacy Director in Film Poster, Twitter Says 'Bravo'

‘Gehraiyaan’ Credits Intimacy Director in Film Poster, Twitter Says ‘Bravo’


Upcoming Bollywood film Gehraiyaan has piqued the interest of many cinema-lovers for its representation of modern-age romantic relationships. But one of the things that has really started a conversation on social media pertains to the credit given to the intimacy director in the Shakun Batra directorial. The movie stars Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday, and Dhairya Karwa and will be released on Amazon Prime Video on February 11.

Earlier this week, the character posters from the film were released which saw the mention of intimacy director Dar Gai. Intimacy directors coordinate between actors and directors to choreograph safe and consensual intimate scenes in films. The profession has gained more recognition following MeToo movement where several female actors came out with their unpleasant experiences of facing sexual harassment at workplace.

Author Aseem Chhabra shared a tweet on Thursday where he speculated that Gehraiyaan might be the first film that has included and credited an intimacy director in the movie. Aseem tweeted, “I could be wrong, but is it the first time I have seen a credit for an “Intimacy Director” in an Indian film (or any other film)? I know Dar Gai and am really curious about her contribution to this film.”

Responding to Aseem’s tweet, Intimacy designer and actor Neha Vyas commented, “Also, I think, the first production house to credit an IC on their film was Jugaad motion pictures founded by Dar and Dheer for their short film Closure. Released last year.” Hailing from Ukraine, Dar coordinated and guided the actors in Gehraiyaan during the filming of intimacy scenes.

Applauding the movie for the inclusion of an intimacy director, another artist commented, “This makes me so happy! It’s one of my favourite roles that we regularly have on the sets in NYC that I’m on – any time there’s any chance of nudity or any mimed sexual touching. It’s very encouraging to see Bollywood moving in this direction too. Intimacy coordinators are the best.”

According to The Boston Globe, Intimacy coordinators and intimacy directors were formally introduced in Hollywood in 2016. Three women with backgrounds as fight directors founded Intimacy Directors International, the first association dedicated to the field which is still in its nascent stages. Providing an insight into their job description, intimacy coordinator Lizzy Talbot told The Boston Globe, “Before these professionals existed, many scenes of intimacy used to be haphazard and depended on the decency of the actors and directors involved.”

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