Google Maps Asks Man to Drive Through a Tree

Google Maps Asks Man to Drive Through a Tree


Technology has undoubtedly made our lives more convenient and productive. It has also made us extremely dependent on it. Therefore, it can be a sticky situation when there is a glitch. One such incident happened with a man in Ghana’s capital Accra. While using Google Maps, he went on a secluded route and got lost in the bushes. Moments later, he got an instruction from the app to drive into a tree.

The man named Alfredo was driving around and vehemently following the directions given by Google Maps, got lost and found himself lost in the bushes. After some time, the application directed him to turn left, towards a path that led to nowhere but a mango tree. The man was baffled beyond limits, to a point where he had to tweet the incident.

Sharing the incident, Alfredo wrote, “Not Google maps leading us into the bush and having the audacity to say ‘turn left.’ Into the mango tree?”

The tweet has garnered close to a 1000 likes and multiple retweets. The viral tweet sparked more such stories from netizens. Users poured their stories of blunders and mishaps triggered by Google Maps in abundance.

One user shared how Google Maps took them on a top of a bridge above a water body and said ‘your destination is on the right, directing them towards the water.

One user ended up in the bushes after missing a turn.

One user wrote, “This is so relatable.”

Here are some other reactions to the tweet:

This is not the first time that such a blunder is witnessed due to Google Maps. In a bizarre turn of events, a groom in Indonesia ended up at the wrong wedding venue because of Google Maps and almost married the wrong woman.

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