Hamas Alleges That Israel’s Mossad Is Using Killer Dolphins: Report

Hamas Alleges That Israel’s Mossad Is Using Killer Dolphins: Report


The Palestinian Islamist group earlier in 2015 also claimed that Mossad used a dolphin for espionage purposes. (Image: Reuters/Representative Photo)

The claims surfaced after Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group which controls Gaza, alleged that the dolphin killed one of its naval commandos

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A video released by Palestinian terrorist organisation Hamas has cast speculation that Israel could be using dolphins for espionage purposes. The organisation’s member Abu Hamza in a video alleged that the ‘killer dolphin’ may have been responsible for the death of one of its naval commandos near the Israeli coast.

Some observers also took to Twitter to share the finding. Defence analyst HI Sutton, who writes for the US Naval Institute’s online news and analysis portal USNI News, said that the news may not be as ‘far fetched’ as it sounds on his website.

Sutton highlighted that one of the Hamas members in the video released by them shows a harness which is similar to harnesses used by the Russian Navy and US Navy, who once experimented with marine animals in a bid to harness them for military purposes.

“The harness appears to fit the nose of a dolphin. And is similar to those used in US Navy and Russian Navy marine mammal programs. The harness appears to have a spear gun-like device attached,” Sutton said in his website hisutton.com.

He also said that there may be some credibility behind the report or it could also preliminarily indicate Israel at least has a Navy marine mammal program.

Hamas earlier in 2015 also alleged that it captured a dolphin sent by Israel to spy on them, according to a BBC report. It claimed that Israeli security services ‘stripped the animal of its will’ and transformed it into a ‘a murderer’.

The report also highlighted that Egypt also accused Israel of using animals for military purposes. It alleged that Israel used sharks in the Red Sea in 2010 as operatives after swimmers were mauled to death by sharks near the city of Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Allegations against Mossad were also levelled when a vulture was found in Saudi Arabia with a GPS transmitter around its neck and Turkish villagers found a dead migratory bird with a ring around its leg.

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