Holiday Season: Follow These Tips and Relish on Your Favourite Meal Without Thinking of Weight Gain

Holiday Season: Follow These Tips and Relish on Your Favourite Meal Without Thinking of Weight Gain

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Good food is an integral part of the holiday season, and you can relish your delicious platter without any guilt. However, you must not overeat or overindulge even on your cheat days, as it might lead to bloating and weight gain. 10 days of inconsiderate food consumption can put away your hard work on the physical self. To make sure you enjoy the holiday season without facing weight gain issues, we bring you some tips:

Don’t starve

Dinners with family and friends is one of the best things of the holiday season. Some foodies might make space for the lavish dinner beforehand and they starve themselves throughout the day. Well, it is not a right practice. This approach does not help in maintaining the calorie count, rather it will make you overeat. After starving yourself, you will not even realise and end up consuming more than a regular amount of food, which will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable afterwards.

Consume good amount of water

Water is a blessing in disguise, regular water intake can solve a bunch of the problems. When an individual does not intake sufficient water, they end up overeating. Drinking water helps you to make healthy choices and prevents overeating. When you are dehydrated, your mind confuses it as a sign of hunger, which leads to overeating, even though it just means that you are thirsty. Bloating and weight gain is more in the winters as people do not drink a sufficient amount of water as they do not feel that thirst.

Eat a light, healthy snack

Eating a light, healthy snack can prevent you from overindulging in food. Make sure it is not too heavy, just fulfilling like a fruit, a bowl of curd rice or yoghurt are some healthy food options to nibble before the big fat dinner party.

Order cautiously

You are excused to order your favourite food, just make sure you eat within the limit. Don’t forget to order something healthy too. Adding everything to your plate in an adequate portion will make you guilt-free of just binging on unhealthy food. Greens, protein, healthy, fiber, on your plate, will compensate for all the unhealthy food.

Eat slowly

Gulping and rushing through the food can make you consume more food. Trying a bite or two from everything and then relishing on one or two meals should be the ideal practice. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite of your food. If you rush through the food, you will feel empty after a sort while however, if you go about the other way, you will feel fulfilled.

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