How Much a Tesla Employee Make in an Hour? More than their Other EV industry Counterparts?

How Much a Tesla Employee Make in an Hour? More than their Other EV industry Counterparts?


Elon Musk-owned EV Manufacturer Tesla pays its employees more than what employees working in other EV counterparts such as General Motors get. The California-based EV maker does so by providing other benefits, which include medical cover and dismemberment insurance, among others. Moreover, Tesla employees are also entitled to TSLA stocks. These comprehensive employee benefits, however, do not seem to be the case with other EV makers such as General Motors, where workers are unionized.

In an interview between Andrew Ross Sorkin, financial columnist at The New York Times, and Marry Barra, CEO, General Motors, the salaries of the employees of the EV giants were being discussed. Andrew said, “It appears by my math, that on average, Tesla employees, who are non-unionized, appear on an hourly basis, maybe making more money than an unionized worker, for example, at GM (General Motors).”

Barra replied, saying that currently, there is no clarity over the matter, but it is not just about the hourly wages but also additional benefits such as health cover and a pretty robust system. Defending her statement, she says she is extremely proud of her representative employees and that working with UAW (United Auto Workers) has been great.

In the conversation, Tesla CEO, too, chimed in and wrote, “This is true. Also, Tesla employees get health insurance, stock, and other benefits.

Take a look at the clip and Musk’s comment here:

The discourse around the salary of employees was centred around the bill proposed in the US legislation, which grants very lucrative incentives for automakers that are producing union-made, zero-emission vehicles in the United States. These manufacturers will get an expanded tax credit of up to $12,500 per EV, which is equal to roughly Rs 9.4 lakh.

General Motors’ CEO, Mary Barra, gained immense attention as US President Joe Biden appreciated GM for “electrifying the entire auto industry.” President Biden also paid a visit to GM’s Factory Zero, where he also test-drove the Hummer EV.

On the other hand, Tesla is all set to start its production in the Berlin Gigafactory and aims to start production before 2022 begins. The company recently submitted all the documents needed for getting approval to start production for their first EV manufacturing plant in Europe.

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