How to avoid dry and flaky skin in winters? Try these 5 tips

How to avoid dry and flaky skin in winters? Try these 5 tips

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Dry and flaky skin can be irritating at times and especially during the winters when the cold waves dehydrate your skin even more, making it appear dull and unhealthy. But losing the glow of your skin shouldn’t be the only reason for you to nourish it in the winters.

Leaving your dry skin unattended for long can aggravate the condition and cause redness and cracking. According to experts, excessive flakiness may even lead to inflammation and activation of various diseases. Thus, it becomes imperative that you provide some extra care and nourishment to your skin in harsh winters.

Here we bring you the top five tips that would help retain that glowing skin even in winters.


The most conventional way to get rid of the dryness is by using moisturiser as it is convenient and effective too. Moisturiser in a way revives your dull skin and protects it from further damage caused by the dryness. Choosing the right moisturiser is important too and while chemical-based moisturisers may have some side-effects, natural moisturisers like coconut and sunflower oil work best for your skin.


You can nourish the skin through multiple ways but not being consistent with it would barely benefit you. Experts suggest that the right time to moisturise your skin is after a shower as the skin pores are open at that time allowing for better nourishment. Gently applying a moisturising oil or lotion before bed will also ensure that you wake up with smoother skin in the morning.


The skin gets dry as the environment also lacks moisture in winters. Thus, using a simple humidifier for your room or surroundings may replenish your skin’s moisture levels. One can opt for a small humidifier which can be kept running in a corner of your room as it helps maintain adequate levels of moisture in the area.


Just nourishing your skin from the outside isn’t enough, one must consume the right foods to keep the skin nourished from the inside too. Foods containing healthy fats like nuts, dry fruit, and certain seeds are rich in nutrients that help our skin combat the cold weather. Apart from this, one can also go for eggs and fish which are good sources of protein as well as fats.

Hot showers

It is advised that you must control the urge to raise the temperature of the shower. A hot shower indeed feels amazing but doesn’t help much when it comes to your skincare. Excessively high-temperature water washes away the natural oils of your skin, making it look drier and flaky. Try dialing down the temperature a bit and using lukewarm water instead.

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