IPS Officer Posts Adorable Video of Daughter Playing Pretend Makeup, Netizens Show Love

IPS Officer Posts Adorable Video of Daughter Playing Pretend Makeup, Netizens Show Love


A heartwarming video posted by IPS officer Vijayakumar on Twitter is going viral. The video shows his little daughter Nila applying lipstick on him. She then proceeds to deck her father up with more makeup items. This sweet moment shared between father and daughter has netizens’ hearts and they could not help but show some love to the clip. This is what the Tamil Nadu officer tweeted: “daughters/ children bring all the happiness to the world. my daughter Nila with me.”

One of the commenters said that only daughters have the guts to put lipstick on IPS officers. “Only daughters have guts to put lipstick on an IPS officer.”

“Only princess has power to control their Dad by their innocent love and smiling eyes. dad’s little princess forever.”

“You are an amazing dad to let this little one fo that to you. She is a cutie and look how seriously she is taking her job.”

“Sir I seriously haven’t understood a single word but still felt the love and bonding between a Loving Child & A Caring Father.”

“Sir great job, in hectic situation you spare some most valuable time with family, good.”

“It’s only daughters that are perhaps allowed to apply lipsticks to their dads. I had my own share.”

“Such a Beautiful relationship between father and daughter. How responsible and caring is the little princess.”

“All fathers are super heros for sweet daughters you are very lucky having a daughter.”

“My daughter exactly plays likes this… and sit exactly like you sir… very cute.”

“I learn from this, How much busy we are in our duty also we need to spend some time with our family to feel this kind of pleasures.”

“Father- Daughter Love. This is so adorable. And Nila is performing the task so immaculately. Beautiful.”

“I was strangely happy seeing the innocent actions of this lovely girl.”

The video has racked up 13,000 likes since it was posted. Vijayakumar is the SP in Economic Offence wing of Tamil Nadu police department.

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