'It’s Difficult': Former Air Hostess Shares Her Experience of Working In First Class

‘It’s Difficult’: Former Air Hostess Shares Her Experience of Working In First Class


If you have travelled on a flight, you must have noticed the attendants and the work they do. Though their job may appear easy, the reality is much different from what people do.

Air hostesses are expected to be present for the passengers, and they also have to take care of their safety. There is a lot of difference between an economic class flight attendant and a first-class one. A former air hostess has shared a big secret.

Kat Kamalani, a former air hostess who worked in American Airlines, revealed that her experience of working in the first-class cabin was not as attractive as people might think.

First Class Flight Attendants Are Paid More:

According to the sources, Kat recently shared a video on TikTok where she shared her experience of how difficult it was to work as an air hostess in a first-class cabin. She said that people think they get better facilities for working in the first-class, but that’s not the truth.

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First Class Flight Attendants Go Through Special Training:

According to Kat, the only reason why flight attendants work in first-class cabins is that they are paid much higher than economic flight attendees. Apart from that, to work in a first-class cabin, one must go through tough training. In America, if an air hostess travels domestic flights, she is considered eligible to serve in the economy as well as first-class, but when she serves international flights, she is given special training.

To get hired as an air hostess, it is necessary to be proficient in English. They are then given additional training to learn how best to communicate with passengers on the plane. However, netizens did not agree that American air hostesses were trained well enough. As one writes in the comment that there are far better attendants on flights like Emirates, etc.

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