Japan Government's Covid Care Package Impresses Redditors

Japan Government’s Covid Care Package Impresses Redditors


The Covid care package from Japan government. Posted by FriedCheeseCurdz on Reddit.

The large carton provided by the Japanese government included packets of Japanese noodles, bottles of water, rice, tuna cans, and other drinks and refreshments.

Redditors are mighty impressed with the Japanese government after a user shared a picture of the Covid care package he received during his quarantine period. Reddit user FriedCheeseCurdz shared a post on the subreddit ‘Mildly Interesting’ this weekend where they revealed the amount of food they received during quarantine. Sharing the post on the social media platform, the user wrote in the caption, “Japanese government sends individuals quarantining at home free care packages.” The picture showed the amount of food and other essential items the government sent to one person. The large carton included packets of Japanese noodles, bottles of water, rice, tuna cans, and other drinks and refreshments. In the comments, the user explained how they ended up receiving the package. Sharing their experience of quarantining in Tokyo, the user wrote, “I got tested positive for Covid a couple days ago. Every morning I get a phone call that requires me to update how I am feeling that day in regards to temperature, symptoms and oxygen levels.”

The Redditor also added, “They asked me if I wanted to stay in a hotel to which I declined since I live alone. They then asked me if I wanted food to be sent to my house, to which I agreed (it was free).” However, what took the user by surprise was the impressive care package they received. “This care package was not what I expected, however. I am not sure if it’s identical to what others who have tested positive in Tokyo have received.”

The users were quite impressed with the range of food items sent by the Japanese government. The post also prompted a few others to compare how some countries are taking care of their sick citizens.

One comment read, “When my family in North America tested positive, they got nothing. Not even info. I had to tell them to get an oxygen monitor (thankfully they were able to have one delivered in a couple hours). It’s mind blowing how differently various countries are treating their people during this pandemic, and it really affects the very basic beliefs/knowledge that people have as a community towards the virus. It’s basically completely different realities.”

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