Judge Caught Kissing ‘Highly Dangerous’ Prisoner Whose Sentence She Tried to Reduce

Judge Caught Kissing ‘Highly Dangerous’ Prisoner Whose Sentence She Tried to Reduce


In a shocking incident caught on tape, a female Argentinian judge was seen kissing a convict charged with the killing of a police officer on December 29. Apparently, the judge had also tried to save the man from a life sentence. The matter came to light when a grab from the prison CCTV footage was released. According to the video shared on YouTube, the judge Mariel Suarez from the southern Chubut province can be seen sitting with the prisoner Cristian Bustos. The judge was spotted having a conversation with Cristian as she worked on her laptop. Further in the video, the duo were caught kissing each other while still at the prison.

As per a LADBible report, Bustos was earlier jailed in 2009 when a police officer Leandro ‘Tito’ Roberts was fatally shot in Corcovado. The officer had reportedly gone to arrest Bustos for a prison break. Later, the manwas sentenced to life imprisonment and was convicted of homicide when he pleaded guilty during a trial.

Reportedly, a week before the duo were caught, Mariel was one of the panel members among other judges who were to decide if Bustos should be given life sentence in the killing of the cop. Despite the man being considered as a highly dangerous prisoner, judge Mariel was found to be the only one to vote against his life sentence. However, as a single dissent wasn’t enough to decidec convict’sfate, he was anyway sentenced for a whole life term.

Later, the judge tried to clarify and said that she had no relations with the prisoner and had instead gone to meet Bustosregarding a book that she is writing on the case. She also refuted the kissing incident and claimed that she was just talking close up so that nobody overhears them.

As the matter drew attention, the Superior court of Chubut took cognizance and now will be investigating judge Mariel. “The judge allegedly incurred in inadequate behaviour,” said the court. The court further noted that the investigation will examine the circumstances under which the judge met a highly dangerous prisoner who was also recently convicted. The probe will also be carried to find out more details of the meeting between the two and if there had been any violations of a law.

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