‘Just In Case…’: Joe Rogan Joins GETTR Soon After Marjorie Greene Twitter Ban

‘Just In Case…’: Joe Rogan Joins GETTR Soon After Marjorie Greene Twitter Ban


Stand-up comic and host of the popular ‘The Joe Rogan Podcast’ reacted to Twitter banning Republican lawmaker Marjorie Taylor Greene by opening an account on GETTR, another rival social media website. The Republican lawmaker from Georgia was suspended from the social media platform after she flouted the site’s Covid-19 regulations and allegedly peddled misinformation.

GETTR, launched by Jason Miller, once an advisor of former US president Donald Trump, is being touted as an alternative to Twitter for conservative and right wing thinkers and politicians. GETTR is also becoming a social media site preferred by American conservatives who feel that Twitter’s rules and regulations aim to ban right-wing and conservative ideas. Miller, while speaking to Fox Business last year said that GETTR supports free speech and is free of ‘cancel culture’.

Joe Rogan joined former secretary of state Mike Pompeo and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon who also have accounts on the platform.

“Just in case **** over at Twitter gets even dumber, I’m here now as well.

Rejoice!” Joe posted on GETTR soon after opening his account. He also announced that he is joining the site via a Twitter post as well.

Joe Hosted Jack Dorsey Twice

Joe Rogan hosted the former Twitter CEO twice in his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ in 2019. He faced backlash from several right wing commentators and from friend and owner of Infowars, Alex Jones, who is known for his conspiracy theories, who said that during the interview Joe did not question Dorsey over Twitter’s policies and its rule of banning people permanently. Alex Jones was subpoenaed for his role in the Capitol Hill riots on January 6.

Joe Rogan in another episode in early February 2019 said that Dorsey then reached out to him and agreed to do another interview where he along with Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s legal, policy and trust lead sat down with him to discuss controversies surrounding Twitter and its alleged banning of right-wing and conservative personalities. Conservative journalist Tim Pool was also part of the episode where he also questioned Vijaya and Jack over Twitter’s policies.

Joe Rogan, who is known to have changed how media looks at podcasts, has hosted an array of personalities on his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. Rogan has hosted Tesla CEO Elon Musk, comedian Dave Chappelle, journalists Bari Weiss and Melissa Chen, actor Robert Downey Junior, renowned psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson and rapper Snoop Dogg to name a few. His technique of hosting long form podcasts, which sometimes stretch for more than three hours, has also challenged conventional forms of interviewing practiced by legacy media institutions.

He moved his entire show to Spotify in September 2020 in a multimillion dollar deal which made Rogan one of the highest-earning podcast hosts. A report by Newsweek highlighted that Rogan’s each episode got over 11 million listeners during 2020-21.

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