Keep a Watch on These Symptoms for Detecting Pregnancy

Keep a Watch on These Symptoms for Detecting Pregnancy

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Missing a period, pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are the common ways of finding out if you’re pregnant. Apart from these, other signs and symptoms can also indicate pregnancy. However, every woman may not face the earliest signs of pregnancy, but many do.

Here are the symptoms to look for detecting pregnancy.

Early changes in breasts

Pain, swelling and heaviness in the breast can be a sign of pregnancy. The change in your breasts can be observed during the first or second week of your 40-week pregnancy period. Due to hormonal changes, you’re likely to develop tender and swollen breasts which are the signs of early pregnancy.

Vaginal discharge

Although vaginal discharge can also be the cause of infection, in many cases, it is also a symptom of early pregnancy. Many women go through problems like vaginal discharge in the first trimester of pregnancy. This discharge can be due to changes in hormones.

Rise in body temperature

There can be many reasons for the increase in body temperature. It is common for some to have high temperatures due to fever or cold and even the seasonal changes. But a higher basal body temperature can also be a sign of pregnancy.

Feeling tired

Even if you haven’t missed your period in the early stages of pregnancy and you are feeling tired and sleepy, then you should go for a pregnancy test. You can develop fatigue anytime during the pregnancy.

Vaginal bleeding

If you ever have light vaginal bleeding other than your period, then you should consider a pregnancy test. Vaginal bleeding, spotting and feeling cramps are also early signs of pregnancy.

Mood swings and dizziness

A woman often faces mood swings due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. It is normal to have a sudden roller coaster of emotions. Instead of ignoring these signs and symptoms, one should definitely get it checked. Also, frequent dizziness, feeling nausea, vomiting can also be a sign of pregnancy.

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