Kerala Man Completed 145 Degrees From Ivy League Colleges During Lockdown

Kerala Man Completed 145 Degrees From Ivy League Colleges During Lockdown


The first lockdown in 2020 had changed everyone’s life. For some, the lockdown slowed life down and it was time to unwind, for others it was a golden opportunity to start their journey of hustling. Shafi Vikraman, a Thiruvananthapuram resident, definitely falls in the second category, after he made complete use of the lockdown to earn over 130 online certifications, including from Ivy League colleges. Following the lockdown, Shafi enrolled himself in various virtual courses offered by platforms like Coursera and the World Health Organisation’s online learning portal. Shafi completed a total of 145 courses, most of which dealt with the medical sector.

Shafi told New Indian Express, “I preferred to do courses in marketing but ended up with a lot of medical courses. A university like Yale is a dream for us. Now I have certifications from those universities. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have studied all these subjects.” According to Shafi, he did not want to stay idle during the lockdowns and therefore enrolled himself in the courses in July 2020.

Shafi, who is in his mid-fifties, started off by attending over 20 courses simultaneously, which included courses from universities like Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Wharton and ranged between duration of two days to two months. While most of the courses that Shafi took focused on the medical sector, he did end up learning a diverse set of subjects such as psychology, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrency, forensics, food and beverage management, and finance.

Shafi would initially study from 6pm to 4am after work, but then he went on to quit his job as a deputy general manager with a leading foreign exchange firm in order to focus more on his studies. According to him, the difference in time zone was an issue and there were times when he barely slept for two months.

After achieving the rare feat of earning certificates from 16 different countries, Shafi feels blessed. “Everyone should make use of the opportunity. I used to love the medical field when I was younger. Now I am able to learn a variety of subjects from prestigious universities. Having all these certificates with me, I feel as if I have reached somewhere.”

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