Kickstart your kid's day with these healthy breakfasts

Kickstart your kid’s day with these healthy breakfasts

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Breakfast is often termed as the ‘most important meal of the day by nutritionists (Image: Shutterstock)

Healthy breakfast dishes provide a healthy start for the day.

A healthy breakfast forms the foundation of a good start for the day. It strengthens the metabolism and helps in burning calories for a good long time. It also helps your ward to get the much required focus at school. So all the parents, who always want their children to perform brilliantly and outshine others, we present some healthy breakfast dishes which provide a healthy start for the day.

Moong Dal Cheela is rich in proteins and serves as a wholesome breakfast for your kids. Eating two pieces of moong dal cheela can provide the necessary energy for kids in the morning.

  • Vegetable and cheese sandwiches

Sandwiches with a combination of vegetables and cheese are delicious and not very heavy for your kid’s stomach. The best thing about sandwiches is that they are easy to make, and you can teach your kids to prepare them.

Methi Paratha is nutritious and also does not take very long to prepare. Methi helps in reducing the risk of diabetes and other diseases. It also helps in reducing blood sugar levels. Consuming methi also keeps digestive problems like constipation at bay.

Vermicelli Upma is loaded with vegetables and helps your children to remain healthy. Consuming vermicelli upma improves your metabolism and also manages weight.

Another superb option for breakfast is broken wheat upma. It helps your kid to remain satisfied for a long time, empowering them with better concentration levels. Broken wheat provides fibre, iron, calcium and other nutrients.

Sweet corn salad is another satisfactory option for breakfast. Sweet corn has a lot of fibre content. Dietary fibre decreases the risk of heart disease, strokes, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer. It also keeps your children full for a long time.

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