Leonardo DiCaprio on 'Don't Look Up': Most Important Issue in Civilization History

Leonardo DiCaprio on ‘Don’t Look Up’: Most Important Issue in Civilization History


A gigantic comet is on its way to collide with Earth, an impact that would lead to complete destruction of all life on the planet. Two astronomers, who are aware of the threat, try to warn the authorities and the world but no one is interested in it, let alone fearing the outcome. Before you panic, this is not a reality but just the premise of ‘Don’t Look Up’, the latest offering by Netflix. However, a strong parallel can be drawn between the premise of the movie and the global scenario today. One of the most menacing phenomena that the planet is facing at present is the threat associated with climate change. Many are not aware of the dangers it brings while many feign ignorance. Although, environmentalists as young as Greta Thunberg have been vocally active trying to explain the dangers to seemingly uninterested corporations and the public.

Now, Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars in the film as one of the astronomers along with Jennifer Lawrence, has gone on to draw parallels between the movie’s theme and climate change. In an interview for the YouTube channel Netflix Channel Club, the ‘Titanic’ star has gone on to speak about how he bought into the underlying message of the film, crafted by director Adam Mckay.

DiCaprio described the movie as an analogy of modern-day culture and the world’s inability to hear and listen to scientific truth. He said that throughout his career, he has looked to work on a movie with an environmental undertone to it but accepts that making such movies are hard as people are not ready to listen. “Adam, who is an incredibly outspoken individual on the climate crisis, really wanted to do a film that brought an element of dark comedy to what seems to be a daunting issue,” he said.

Praising the vision of the 53-year old filmmaker, he said that he had made an amazing film on how the human race would react to it from a political, social and scientific point of view and that working on the movie made him feel for climate scientists.

He said that if climate change was not tackled at micro level, then the problems that the characters encounter in the film will manifest in a real life scenario. DiCaprio went on to describe the climate crisis as “the most important issue that’s ever faced humanity in the history of civilization.” ‘Don’t Look Up’ released on December 5 this year and is streaming on Netflix.

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