Little Girl Eats Pizza For First Time, Her Expressions Leave Internet in Splits

Little Girl Eats Pizza For First Time, Her Expressions Leave Internet in Splits


Pizza, the name is enough to trigger the taste buds of many around us, isn’t it? According to how people like to eat pizza, if a survey is conducted today, pizza will undoubtedly be the most popular fast food. In a short period, a slew of new pizza chains has appeared in the market, each attracting customers with their distinct taste.

Everyone loves the taste of pizza, whether they are children or adults, but have you ever seen a small child eating pizza? A video of a toddler is becoming increasingly popular on the internet these days.

The Instagram account, @wholesomeversse, shared a video that is getting a lot of attention. In this video, a young girl gets to taste a family pizza for the first time. After eating pizza, the child reacts in such a way that everyone enjoys it.

The girl is seen crying in the video while sitting in a small chair. Then someone hands her a pizza to eat. As soon as she takes the first bite, her expressions change and she conveys that she loves the taste. People were so amused seeing her reaction that the video has gone viral. So far, it has received over 7 lakh views.

Netizens were ecstatic as they watched the video of the little girl.

In the comments section, people are expressing their opinions. “I still make the same face while eating pizza,” a woman said. Another stated that the taste of pizza appears to have dissipated in the child’s mouth.

“I wish 2022 was as good for me as that pizza was for her,” one person said. Another netizen commented that this is the start of a love story.

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