London Seafood Restaurant Serving Stuffed Duck Neck for £18 Leaves Diners Shocked

London Seafood Restaurant Serving Stuffed Duck Neck for £18 Leaves Diners Shocked


A seafood restaurant named Western Laundry in North London has received mixed reviews after serving a stuffed duck head for the cost of £18 (1,816.45 Indian Rupees). The image of the ‘stuffed duck neck’ got Twitter users pouring in reviews for the restaurant’s up-market dishes. Hotel Western Laundry has described itself on its Instagram page as a “seafood restaurant + covered courtyard championing regenerative producers & low intervention cellar.” According to the Daily mail, the hotel has described the duck-head-and-neck dish on the plate as being stuffed with turnips and lentils.

Here is the post:

Apart from the controversial dish at hand, the hotel’s Instagram page also posted a separate photo of other dishes featuring mackerel, smoked eel, Pollock and cuttlefish creations. According to sources, the duck dish is one of the most expensive dishes on the menu list. The other pricey dish also involves duck. It’s ‘duck breast, pommes anna, cabbage and bacon’, priced at £26.

Reacting to the culinary experiment, one Instagram user was shocked, and wrote, “No that is too much.” However, some others were on board, with one chef on Instagram who goes by ‘dalethechef’ simply saying ‘Yum’.

According to Guardian, the restaurant, which opened in 2017, has been reviewed positively.

Speaking of bizarre food-related incidents, a KFC customer in the UK was recently shocked to find a full chicken head, complete with a beak and eyes, in her box of hot wings. Gabrielle, the woman who ordered the takeaway, gave a two star review on Just Eat which read, “I found a fried chicken head in my hot wings meal. Put me off the rest of my meal, urgh.” She had ordered from KFC Feltham in Twickenham, England, as per a report in The Sun. The Instagram account ‘Takeawaytrauma’ posted a screenshot of the review and the picture of the crunchy chicken head, which has since gone viral. Users expressed their disgust, while some even joked about it. One user wanted to know what it takes to get a ‘one star’.

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