Man Receives Questionnaire from Woman on Dating App and Netizens Love it

Man Receives Questionnaire from Woman on Dating App and Netizens Love it


A questionnaire that a man received on a dating site from a prospective date has left netizens impressed. The questionnaire made using a Google form deals with the usual anxieties that a person faces while navigating online dating. It often turns out that asking a few simple questions can spare people a lot of grief. The questionnaire addresses this and asks questions like “Are you emotionally available,” “Are you a serious relationship person” etc. The man shared a screenshot of the questionnaire he received on Hinge, a dating app, and soon enough, the woman who sent it commented on the post.

“girl on Hinge sent me this Google document. Unbelievable.”


Netizens felt that this was a smart move and requested the woman to send them the link to the questionnaire, to which she happily complied.

“Sis, this is extremely smart of you and exactly how things should be so we protect ourselves from getting hurt. Could you share the link?”


“No but actual queen move. Now don’t be shy and help us out.”

“And honestly speaking, dating apps should have the option of “Emotionally available” “Emotionally unavailable” and also “current relationship status” it would make ALL our lives so much easier.”

“She is dead serious about this now, the trauma she must’ve gone through to actually take this step I can feel it.”

“Woman who knows what she wants and is wasting no time. I Stan her.”

“Saves a lot of time if one is not into anything short term or casual.”

“This is just brilliant! Weeds out all the awful time wasters out there.”

“I stan this woman! Pulling this off for all my bumble dates now on.”

Do you think such questionnaires will help make online dating easier?

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