Meet Zeus, the Cat, and His 8 Older Versions in This Viral Photo Album

Meet Zeus, the Cat, and His 8 Older Versions in This Viral Photo Album


At the start of this viral photo album, you hardly know Zeus, except for the fact that he is an adorable cat. But by the fifth photo, the feline starts looking like a familiar face and till you reach the ninth photo, Zeus becomes part of your memories. The photo streak posted on Reddit page, ‘r/cats’, take you on an incredible journey in Zeus’ life. Right from the time he was a small kitten snuggling in the blanket, the photos show different phases of his growing up. One of the photos shows the grown-up ‘Zeus’ enjoying a good sleep on the floor of his human’s house. The photos change, Zeus’ size changes but one thing that doesn’t is his absolute cuteness. And we aren’t even exaggerating even a bit.

And before we forget, please give special attention to how photogenic Zeus is.

Watch it here:

Can’t take your eyes off our all grown up ‘Zeus’? Trust us, you surely aren’t alone here. Since being posted online, the feline’s photos have received over 10 thousand upvotes along with several reactions from the netizens. Posting their comments, users pointed to their favourite photo of Zeus and dropped several heartwarming reactions. “Aws that was totally adorable, ” wrote a user in his reaction while another commented, “I really enjoy the “boop” in the third photo.”

But for most of the users, picking one favourite photo of Zeus was almost impossible. “Each of these pictures is perfect,” read a comment.

Complementing Zeus’ cuteness in their own way, some users compared him to a furball, while others called him a ‘cinnamon roll’

Users also shared stories of their pet cats and what it was like to watch them grow so fast. , “I also have a Zeus! They always seem to turn so pudgy when they grow up, so we call him Pudge. Love that belly picture so pudgy.”

What do you think of Zeus?

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