Mercury in Mahabaleshwar Drops to Zero For the First Time in History

Mercury in Mahabaleshwar Drops to Zero For the First Time in History


As the upper regions of North Indian are receiving fresh snowfall, other regions of the country are being greeted with chilling temperatures. The most recent was reported from Mahabaleshwar, a hill station in the Western Ghats range, which recorded the lowest temperature in history. For the first time, mercury in Mahabaleshwar dropped down to 0 degrees Celsius, reported Mid Day. With temperatures stooping this low, Mahabaleshwar became the coldest place in Maharashtra. The 0 degrees Celsius temperature was measured at the Venna Lake, where the temperatures fell down to 2.8 degrees Celsius by 6PM in the evening, before hitting zero for a brief period of time, around 3:30AM, claimed the residents of the area.

According to the reports by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), the temperatures in Mahabaleshwar plummeted almost 4 degrees Celsius below normal. “We experienced snowlike drizzle for some time in the morning. It would have been a sight for visitors, but, unfortunately, tourist points are closed due to COVID-19,” Kamlesh Kadam, a restaurant owner in Mahabaleshwar, told The Times of India.

The mercury drop initiated in Maharashtra after several parts of the state, including Mumbai, received sudden and plentiful showers on Saturday. Mumbai recorded the lowest temperatures in the month of January on Monday when the thermometer displayed a reading of 13.2 degrees Celsius. However, Mahabaleshwar broke records this year.

Pune Mirror shared a video of how the hill station looked during these past few days, including traces of frozen due that looked very similar to snowfall. Take a look:

In the neighbouring state of Gujarat, a similarly steep drop was witnessed, where mercury plummeted below 10 degrees Celsius. According to the forecast for an extended range by the IMD officials, the state of Maharashtra will experience even colder nights and days in the coming week.

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