Miley Cyrus' 'Boss' Handling of Wardrobe Malfunction Leaves Fans 'Hopeful' for 2022

Miley Cyrus’ ‘Boss’ Handling of Wardrobe Malfunction Leaves Fans ‘Hopeful’ for 2022


2022 started off with a minor mishap for Miley Cyrus but she turned it around to her advantage, leaving fans “hopeful” for the year ahead. The singer went through a wardrobe malfunction during Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party at Miami, Florida. While belting out the hit number ‘Party in the USA’ at her New Year’s Eve concert, her shimmery top appeared to be loose. The performance which was streamed live on NBC showed the 29-year-old realising her top is falling off and rapidly turns around while covering her chest, all this while not missing a beat. She half laughs “All right,” in between and then rushed off to fix her costume and returned with a red coat and nothing underneath, as her fellow musicians onstage continued to sing. All this happened so rapidly thanks to the singer smoothly handling the incident which could have gone awry, and left fans quite impressed.

American comedian Pete Davidson, who was her co-host, also bared his chest as a form of solidarity. After emerging with the red blazer, the singer jokes and says, “Everybody’s definitely looking at me now. I’m still in the most clothes that I’ve ever worn on stage.”

Miley’s seamless solution to the problem without panicking earned praise online. Many called it the “energy we need in 2022.”

Another user said, “Man, if we all handle our setbacks as coolly as Miley handled that wardrobe malfunction, it might actually be a decent year.”

The singer also commented on the ‘slip’ by saying she the “entire night was pure joy” and she “enjoyed every second” along with a retweet of a fan.

She even poked fun at herself on Instagram with a caption, “Get a good look at the top that didn’t stay on very long,” for the posts from her concert.

Few compared the situation to Janet Jackson’s wardrobe slip during the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime show saying she was “vilified” while Miley is praised for handling it “gracefully.”

Miley also debuted a new song ‘You’ during the New Year’s concert, which she hasn’t even “recorded” yet, according to a Vulture report.

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