‘Milk Bank’ to Come up in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur to Help Lactating Mothers

‘Milk Bank’ to Come up in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur to Help Lactating Mothers


Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur will soon have its own ‘mother milk bank.’ It is going to be set up in Jabalpur’s Rani Durgavati Women’s Hospital. The construction of the bank is underway and is expected to be completed in six months. It will store the milk of lactating mothers. Many mothers, who are unable to extract breastmilk, can use the milk from the milk bank. India currently has more than 80 mother milk banks. The bank at Rani Durgavati Women’s Hospital will collect milk from lactating mothers who produce excess milk, and then store it after proper pasteurisation. Health Service Joint Director Dr Sanjay Mishra said in a statement, “Some Lactating women end us giving a higher amount of milk which might create health problems for them. On the other hand, there are some mothers who cannot provide a sufficient amount of breast milk for their children. Hence, the government decided to establish a milk bank at Rani Durgavati Hospital,” reported news agency ANI.

The mothers who are unable to feed their babies look for alternatives like cow milk or powdered milk available in the market and feed it using a spoon or milk bottles. Either of the two is not the right choice for a newborn baby. Therefore, the government has set up milk banks all over the country to help babies get mother’s milk for proper growth.

As per the National Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, any lactating woman can donate the milk after proper screening and approval but it should totally be on a voluntary basis. No women would be paid for donating the milk.

Dr Sanjay Mishra also revealed, “Milk from women will be collected, pasteurised and stored which, further, will be made available to the children of mothers who are getting less quantity of milk.”

As informed by the officials, the milk bank would not be limited to the hospital patients only but also to everyone coming from other health facilities. Further, the donated milk will be provided free of cost to babies.

The government of India is actively promoting safe breastfeeding practices through National Health Mission so that no child gets deprived of the right nutrition and care in the early days.

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