Miracle Aisha: Canadian Doctor Helps Ugandan Woman Deliver Child Aboard Flight

Miracle Aisha: Canadian Doctor Helps Ugandan Woman Deliver Child Aboard Flight


Canadian doctor Aisha Khatib helped a Ugandan woman deliver a baby on an overnight flight earlier in December. Khatib shared the pictures of her and the baby earlier on Friday on Twitter.

Dr Khatib who works as a professor at the University of Toronto was en route to Entebbe in Uganda when the flight operators asked if there was a doctor on board after which Khatib responded. The baby, born to a Ugandan migrant worker travelling home from Saudi Arabia, was named Miracle Aisha, after the doctor who helped deliver her, according to a report by the BBC news agency.

“I see a crowd of people gathered around the patient. As I got closer I saw this woman lying on the seat with her head toward the aisle and feet towards the window. And the baby was coming out!,” Dr Khatib was quoted as saying by the BBC news agency.

“I looked at the baby, and she was stable, and I looked at the mom and she was okay. So I was like, ‘Congratulations, it’s a girl.’ Then the entire plane started clapping and cheering,” she further added.

In her tweet on Friday, Khatib thanked the airline crew of Qatar Airways for helping her with the delivery along with the two others an oncology nurse and a paediatrician from Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). The baby after her birth was crying robustly.

Dr Khatib also told the BBC that she was happy that the child was named after her and said that it was ‘the best part of the story’. The BBC report also said that Miracle Aisha received a gold necklace Aisha was wearing and the necklace had the words Aisha inscribed in it in Arabic.

She told the news agency that the reason behind giving her the necklace was to ensure that Miracle Aisha remembers the doctor who helped in delivering her 35,000 ft in the air. Khatib shared the pictures later last week as she was busy treating patients in Toronto, which is facing an uptick in Covid-19 cases.

She was on that flight because she was training local workers in Uganda. She returned to Canada on December 18 as Covid-19 cases rose.

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