Mumbai Family's Stolen Gold Worth Rs 8 Crore Returned After a Wait of 22 Years

Mumbai Family’s Stolen Gold Worth Rs 8 Crore Returned After a Wait of 22 Years


The owners of upscale fashion brand Charagh Din in Mumbai finally heaved a sigh of relief when they received their valuables worth over Rs 8 crore after it was stolen 22 years ago. According to a Times of India report, the stolen property was returned to Raju Daswani, son of Charagh Din’s founder Arjan Daswani after sessions judge UJ More passed an order on January 5. The case dates back to May 8, 1998, when a gang of burglars had barged into Arjan Daswani’s house in Colaba. Reportedly, the miscreants had beaten up the security guard at the Joy Eden building on Merryweather Road where Arjan lived, to enter the residence. Upon making their way into Arjan’s house, the gang then forcibly took the keys to his safe and tied up both Arjan Daswani and his wife before fleeing with the valuables.

The judge, in his order, had observed that it would be a mockery of justice and abuse of the process of the law if the complainant is asked to wait for years to get his stolen property back. “No purpose will suffice by keeping the articles, especially gold articles, in custody of police,” the order stated. Further, it was also highlighted that even after 19 years, no progress was made in the arrest of the two absconding accused.

The property was returned with some conditions as both police inspector Sanjay Donnar and public prosecutor Iqbal Solkar did not object to it. Raju Dawani was told to produce necessary bills and receipts for verification after which he collected his family’s stolen belongings. Meanwhile, the court also directed that the articles cannot be sold, and failing which it would result in Rs 1 lakh being forfeited.

The property consisted of a gold coin having Queen Victoria’s picture on it, two ingots of 1,300 gram and 200 milligrams along with two gold bracelets. The value of these assets which stood at Rs 13 lakh in 1998 is now worth more than Rs 8 crore.

The police had arrested a total of three accused and had recovered a part of the stolen property in 1998. Later, the three were acquitted in 1999 following a trial in a sessions court.

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