Mumbai Police Share Their 'Fond Memories of 2021' in Video Full of Memes and Puns

Mumbai Police Share Their ‘Fond Memories of 2021’ in Video Full of Memes and Puns


Mumbai Police has gradually built its reputation on social media by sending across important messages through funny memes and trends. As people are looking back at 2021 on social media through a mashup video of their memories, Mumbai Police also shared a “quick recap” of its fond memories from the year that was. Taking to its social media handles, Mumbai Police posted a compilation video of various meme-laden social messages it conveyed throughout the year. “A quick recap of our fond memories of 2021 before we enter 2022 to make some new ones together,” the city police wrote in the caption of the video which essentially covers the 12 different important messages it shared through the 12 months of the year.

12 Months of The Year song by musical group The Kiboomers plays in the background. As the singer names every month starting from January, a different picture accompanies it. For the first month of 2021, the video shows Monalisa sitting inside a car with a seatbelt on. The Mumbai Police had conveyed the importance of following road safety rules.

The still for February shows an old Nokia phone, with the message being to use a strong password for your social media accounts. The subsequent slides are about Covid-19, hazards of marijuana, vaccination importance and other things.

The video also contains a funny public appeal against drunk driving with a mention of a vodka company. “We have ‘absolut’ trust that you won’t drink and drive,” the message on the December slide read.

Understandably, the video has received all sorts of appreciation from social media users. One of the comments read, “Admin of this page is legend! Happy new year to Mumbai Police and many thanks!”

“AMAZZZZING.. whoever is the creator of this handle is truly talented. Happy new year in advance,” said another.

A third said, “Mumbai Police’s social media is lit.”

The comment box was full of heart emojis, with many users praising the city police for its continuous efforts amid the pandemic.

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