Mumbai To Be Neighbours With Somalia's Capital Mogadishu in 200 Million Years: Study

Mumbai To Be Neighbours With Somalia’s Capital Mogadishu in 200 Million Years: Study


We are learning new things about ourselves and the future as science progresses. Artificial Intelligence has recently made a shocking prediction that has surprised everyone. According to an Indiatimes report, India will collide with the African continent in 200 million years. Yes, you read that right. Here’s how.

When the earth was formed about 250 million years ago, there was only one continent on the planet, Pangaea. After about 50 million years, the earth’s tectonic plates, massive rocks on which continents are formed, began to move.

As a result, the Pangea continent disintegrated, resulting in the formation of two new continents. Gondwana and Laurasia were the names of the two continents. Africa, South America, Australia, Antarctica, and India were all part of Gondwana at that time.

The Indian subcontinent gradually merged with Asia as the tectonic plates of the Gondwana continent began to move and break away from Africa’s East Coast. The Himalayas, the world’s largest mountain range, was formed when these two tectonic plates collided.

Tectonic plate movement continues to this day, and scientists have predicted that India, particularly the western edge of India, will collide with Somalia in the next 200 million years.

Scientists have also predicted that the Arabian Sea will dry up in the next 200 million years, and India’s western coastline will replace Somalia’s mountains.

According to this study, Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, and Mumbai, India’s financial capital, will become neighbours. Professor Douwe van Hinsbergen of Utrecht University published this research paper in the American Journal of Science.

He claims that the Somalia region of Africa will collide with India’s western coast, transforming the region into a mountain.

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