New Study Shows Products Made From Rye Just As Effective in Weight Loss

New Study Shows Products Made From Rye Just As Effective in Weight Loss

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Not too long ago, it was popularly believed that products that are made from rye are much better for health compared to other grains. But a recent study carried out by the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden has found that not just rye, but products made from it are also just as good for health.

The study claimed that rye products are also very effective in weight loss. The risks of obesity and heart attack are among the biggest health challenges in the world. Eating rye products can help you battle these health conditions, says a study published in the Clinical Nutrition Journal.

In this study, a group of men and women aged 30 to 70 years, weighing more than 242 kg, were selected. During the experiment, the participants were divided into two groups. One of them was given a particular amount of refined rye, while the other group was given wheat products containing the same amount of calories, for a certain period. During this, many changes were seen in the participants.

According to the researchers, both the groups lost weight during the study, but those who ate rye products had lost an average of one kilogram compared to those who ate wheat products.

Kia Noehr Iversen, the chief researcher of the Department of Food and Nutrition Science, Chalmers University, said that the results in the investigation turned out to be shocking. Participants who took products made with rye lost more weight overall. The level of fat was also found to be lower in the same group of people.

Previous research in this regard has found that eating rye also gives the body more energy as compared to wheat. However, researchers have warned against taking the study as conclusive, saying that more study and research was needed in this regard.

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